You Must Understand And Comply With The Following Conditions Before Applying

Ski Club Conditions:

FORMS WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED AT LUNCH IN THE ATRIUM. Application form submissions will be accepted in the fall of 2013.

Forms will only be accepted on a first come first served basis. This is due to limited space on the buses.

You must wear a helmet at all times on the ski hill. Failure to comply will result in your lift ticket being confiscated and you will remain in the lodge for the remainder of the evening.

No refunds are available if you can not attend one of the ski nights.

All forms must be completed properly to be considered. Incomplete forms will be returned.

If you are renting a snowboard, the snow board rental agreement must be filled out completely. (See link below)

Snowboard Rental Form (Only needed if you are renting a snowboard)

I have read and understand the conditions. Please open the ski club forms.